Coast-to-Coffice: a 24-hour joint with Greek flair



Pegasus Restaurant, on Greenfield Avenue in Milwaukee, is just a couple of blocks away from the Wisconsin State Fair RV Park.  It has coffee and tea to go with the free Wi-Fi, but it’s not the fancy stuff.  We’re talking basic beans and bags of Lipton here.  But that’s not the reason for making Pegasus your coffice du jour… or de la nuit.


Pegasus is a grown-up version of the all-night college diner.  It’s open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.  The tables are spacious; the booths are roomy. It’s casual, so there’s no pressure to dress fancy or worry about breaking out your laptop.


You get free wine or beer or dessert with your meal.  Before you get too excited, though, the gratis vino is a choice been a Chablis or a rose.  Did I mention it’s not fancy?  If you’d rather drink outside the box, they have some cool retro cocktails to choose from.   How fun would it be to mix new and old by writing a blog post while sipping a Brandy Manhattan!


Pretty in pink: a blushing Greek dressing

The menu is made up mostly of classic American dishes, but some Greek selections are sprinkled in.  The Greek salad dressing is a lovely shade of pink with crumbles of feta, and I give the place props for serving their salads on chilled plates.  The spinach pie is a well balanced blend of veggie and cheese with a nice flaky crust. The chicken breast is tender.  Serving sizes are generous.  I brought most of my entree home and enjoyed it for lunch the next day.


Athenian Style Chicken Breast & Spinach Pie with rice pilaf and Athenian sauce

So the next time a deadline means you’re working at midnight and all the usual coffices have gone dark, Pegasus might be just the place to work, drink, and get your Greek on.


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