Hi! I’m Elisabeth Daniels, and this is my husband Mike. Beginning in July, 2013, Mike and I transitioned to a full-time RV lifestyle after more than a decade living in a stick house in Las Vegas.

Mike is a technical trainer, and he travels to Harley-Davidson’s service school in Milwaukee and various H-D dealerships around the country. Before we moved into a motorhome, Mike had been gone every week for work and was only home on the weekends. He’d been doing that since we started dating. As glamorous as constant travel sounds, it really isn’t. It took a toll on him physically, and he missed me and our pet babies terribly. Although it was easier for me, I missed him terribly, too. So, we made the decision to adopt a full-time motorhoming lifestyle for at least a year.  Now, he brings his family with him wherever he goes.

This blog is a chronicle of our adventures in a hallway on wheels! Be sure to follow us on Twitter – @RVAdventures – to get up-to-the-minute info on where we are and what fun stuff we’re doing!

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    • Thanks, Becky! It’s been fun overall since we started on the 8th. However, we’ve suffered our first breakdown. Apparently, the a/c unit froze up and broke the fan belt, causing the engine to overheat as we were headed out of LC yesterday. We’re back in LC, and Mike’s trying to repair it. I’ll be doing a post on shortly.

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