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Our first videocast is out!


We’re so excited. Our first videocast is out!

We’ve been wanting to do a podcast and video since we started the RV lifestyle, but it’s been tricky to pull it all together – what with traveling so much, dealing with winter challenges, and figuring out what formats we wanted to use. We finally decided to just go for it. At 37 minutes, our first vid is a bit long, but we needed to catch everyone up on our first 7 1/2 months.

Going forward, they’ll mostly be short, quick hits, and we’ll show you all kinds of cool stuff – like how the rig is decorated, how we handle various RV chores, what our campground experiences are like, product reviews and more.

So, please take a few moments to watch us and share, share, share!  Thank you!


Dinner with Bobby & Sue from Living the RV Life


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Well before we hit the road, we found the RV community so helpful and welcoming.  Mike and I joined forums like iRV2 and listened to podcasts like Living the RV Dream with John and Kathy and RV Navigator with Ken and Martha.  These communities have provided invaluable information and resources.  But, more important, they give the RVing life personality and a feeling of camaraderie.  Meeting those we’ve chatted with online or heard over the stereo is like reconnecting with long-lost friends.

That’s why we were so excited that our stop in Tulsa was just 45 minutes away from where Bobby and Sue, from the Living the RV Life podcast, currently live.  Bobby and Sue haven’t moved into an RV yet, but they started the podcast to chronicle their journey toward living a simpler, mobile life.  Aside  from sharing their story, they do terrific interviews with other RVers and noamdic entrepreneurs.  They interviewed us in November of 2013 for episode 16, and we thoroughly enjoyed the conversation.

 friends, Los Cabos restaurant, meet-up, meeting new friends, meeting online friends, Mexican food, motorhome life, Oklahoma, Owasso, photography, podcast, RV life, travel, Tulsa, tweet-up

As we motored toward Tulsa from Waco, Texas, we emailed Bobby and Sue to see if they could get together.  Lucky for us, they had time for dinner.  We met at Los Cabos restaurant in Owasso, a nice halfway point between our two locations.

Bobby and Sue are even more delightful in person.  Over chips and salsa, we chatted up a storm about our first six months on the road and where they’re at with selling their home, buying a rig and Bobby’s new job.  There was lots of laughter interspersed with serious moments when we candidly shared worries and down times.  For us, it was terrific to talk with people who get it, even though they haven’t started motorhoming yet.  I hope it was great for them, too, despite the fact that they couldn’t get a word in edgewise.

If you have a chance to meet up with your fellow full-timers, don’t hesitate to see if they’re free.  Part of the joy of this lifestyle is making new, wonderful friends, especially those who celebrate the vagabond vibe like you do.

Post Traumatic Rest Area Syndrome



When we travel between gigs, we boondock.  It maximizes driving time and saves money on campground fees.  We usually stay in rest areas, squeezed in-between the 18-wheelers.   I always have trouble falling asleep on those nights.  Part of it is the rumble of the trucks mixed with smell of exhaust.  Part of it is a niggling worry about someone breaking into the motorhome in the dark hours.

But there’s something else. Something I’ve noticed happening after we’ve settled into our next RV park.

Post Traumatic Rest Area Syndrome

I wake up in the night, not sure where I am and feeling the coach swaying, even though there’s no wind… even though the jacks are down… even though we’re in a level, spacious spot with no trucks lined up beside us.  In the morning, I’m disoriented and slightly nauseous with an odd urgency thumping in my chest.  The feeling that we need to get moving overwhelms me for a moment before I realize where we are and that we don’t have any miles to put behind us.

It’s not as serious, of course, as the P.T.S.D. that plagues soldiers returning from combat.  But it’s unpleasant and disconcerting.  I suppose I’ll get past my P.T.R.A.S. eventually as I adapt to our new lifestyle.  For now, at least I have a name for what I’m feeling.