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Our first videocast is out!


We’re so excited. Our first videocast is out!

We’ve been wanting to do a podcast and video since we started the RV lifestyle, but it’s been tricky to pull it all together – what with traveling so much, dealing with winter challenges, and figuring out what formats we wanted to use. We finally decided to just go for it. At 37 minutes, our first vid is a bit long, but we needed to catch everyone up on our first 7 1/2 months.

Going forward, they’ll mostly be short, quick hits, and we’ll show you all kinds of cool stuff – like how the rig is decorated, how we handle various RV chores, what our campground experiences are like, product reviews and more.

So, please take a few moments to watch us and share, share, share!  Thank you!


Gearing up for winter


Rat Terrier, snowsuit, cold weather gear for dogs, pets, PetSmart, snow, freezing, travel, photography, iPhoneography

PetSmart, Boston Terrier, cold weather gear, snow, December, pets, dogs, freezing, travel, photography, iPhoneography

Our dogs are desert dogs, not familiar with – or built for – cold weather.  But, they’ve been troopers, particularly Sadie, our little Boston Terrier.  She’s a bit of a princess, but we’ve discovered that she loves to romp in the snow.  She’s also a no-nonsense girl.  While Meeko will sniff and hunt for the perfect spot to relieve himself, Sadie gets down to business right away so she can return to her warm blanket by the propane heater.

We’re doing our best to make sure our bark babies are appropriately outfitted for the freezing temperatures, but not everything works well.  We worry most about the extreme cold damaging their paws, so we’ve tried booties.  They just don’t stay on.  We got Meeko a snowsuit with legs, but he hobbled awkwardly around, giving us a plaintive look, big brown eyes pleading to have the miserable thing taken off of him.  We obliged and try to make it quick when it gets into the single digits or lower.  Sadie likes her quilted jacket, but it doesn’t offer much more than torso protection.

I guess we’ll get better at gearing the dogs up for winter just like we will with managing the rig in the cold.  It’ll take time, practice and patience – on all our parts.

The one thing you MUST have for your RV



It’s a bird! It’s a plane!  No, it’s the latest and greatest in must-have RV accessories.  It’s the Purr-alator!


This cuddly contraption is a three-in-one motorhoming godsend.  It warms your seat as it quiets annoying road noise with a soft, steady purr – all while gently removing grime and grit with an exfoliating wash.  Don’t head out on the road until you have your very own Purr-alator!

Ours is the ‘Charlie’ model.  It was a highly successful, one-of-a-kind prototype that’s no longer available, but not to worry!  You can pick up an equally efficient version, in a range of color choices, at the local purveyor of repurposed pets.

Easy to maintain with a high return on investment, no motorhome should be without one!  Take good care of your Purr-alator, and it will last for over two decades like ours has.  Pick up a Purr-alator today for a lifetime of whiskered wellbeing!