Bob with the Bounder


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We always meet interesting people on the road. Bob with the 2001 diesel pusher Bounder was our neighbor at Warrior RV Park in Tulsa.

We started chatting with Bob because he had this really cool slide topper that wrapped around the sides as well as the top of the slide.  Our slide topper was ripped to shreds early in our journey.  We finally took it off completely, and we’ve been looking for just the right the replacement ever since.

We were bummed when Bob told us that the topper had been discontinued. But in the process, Mike was invited into Bob’s spotless rig and got to learn a bit more about him.  Bob was from Worland, Wyoming, which was cool because Mike is from Cheyenne.  Bob’s sole companion was his fluffy white dog Cheebee as his wife had recently passed.  A couple of years ago, his wife had suffered a stroke.  Bob added a lift to the motorhome so that they could continue to enjoy their travels. The lift mechanism was still attached by the door. Bob was in Tulsa to bring his sister home from his wife’s services.  His next stop after winterizing the rig was returning home to Worland.

Bob turned out to be a member of iRV2, one of our favorite forums and the hosts of our first RV rally.  He and Mike are now friends on the forum so they can stay in touch.


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