Coast-to-Coffice: Liquid Johnny’s


Liquid Johnny's, free Wi-Fi, Merlot, Wisconsin State Fair RV Park, coffice, freelance, working on the road

Liquid Johnny’s is a bar and restaurant on the corner of 76th Street and West Main Street in Milwaukee, easy walking distance from the Wisconsin State Fair RV Park.  I wrote a post about it back in September after we’d discovered it when we were working Harley’s 110th.

In addition to an amazing Fish Fry Friday, Liquid Johnny’s has free Wi-Fi.  The place is small and casual, with a bar on one side and four-seat tables on the other.  Laminated menus stay tucked up against the wall at each table.  It’s not really a sports bar, but there are plenty of TVs scattered around if you want to catch the game.  Although there’s no charge for Wi-Fi, you do need to ask for the password.

One night when I still had work to do and Mike wanted to have dinner with a colleague, we headed to Liquid Johnny’s.  I had some chips and salsa with a glass of Merlot while Mike chatted with his friend.  It was a nifty twist on the usual coffice experience!


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