What are you making?



After adding a new gig to my freelance repertoire, I sent a text to my girlfriend Christie.

I’m slowly cobbling things together for new my career.  It’s funny to me to think of what I was making before… and now.

Her response made me pause.

What you are making is memories that you otherwise couldn’t have – and been stuck behind a desk.

Old habits – and thought patterns – really do die hard.  They’re much more ingrained than we ever realize – until they’re challenged.

As much as I’ve considered myself an “outside the box”, “live your dreams” kinda gal, my career has been somewhat traditional.  I’ve worked for someone else with a full roster of benefits, and I’ve worked my way up the ladder wherever I’ve been.  I’ve been proud of that: proud of my success and accomplishments, proud that I could support myself entirely if necessary, proud to do something that seemed important.

There’s nothing wrong with feeling good about all that, but there are other paths to follow.  So many of us say we want to go down that other road – making a life doing something we’re passionate about as opposed to just making a living.  But, when it comes right down to it, we don’t usually do it.  We don’t want to deal with the discomfort of the unfamiliar, the loss of financial security, the isolation of being different, the risk of failure or looking like a fool.  I have an adventurous spirit and lots of support for my new career from Mike, my family and my friends.  Heck, it’s one of the reasons Mike and I decided to do this RV thing: to give me time and opportunity to create a fab and funky livelihood.  And yet, I still have doubts about this new direction sometimes.

Christie is right.  I’m making memories that I otherwise wouldn’t have.  I’m making a choice to get unstuck from the desk and see what kind of vibrant vocation I can whip up for myself.

What I’m making is worth way more than any salary I had previously.  What I’m making is priceless.

Are you happy with what you’re making?  If not, figure out what you want to make… and then go for it, doubts and all.


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  1. I completely agree with your post. The biggest question everyone wants to know is, how is it possible to make money freelancing on the web? I think if there was an easy answer, everyone would be doing it. Right now I am succeeding at building traffic but how do I create a salary from that?

    • That’s very true. The more traffic you have, the more attractive you can be for ancillary work. For instance, a craft blogger might get paid to submit a project to a magazine – or to write an article for a magazine. Of course, there are ads that can make money if you’re on the WordPress.org platform, which accepts ads. Otherwise, your blog can be a driver to your other services. I offer social media services, copywriting and lifestyle article writing. My blog can help generate awareness for those services and lead to business. I hope that helps!

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