The bucket brigade



When I noticed the buckets had “LET’S DO THIS” imprinted on them, I burst out laughing.

It was 8 at night and below freezing in Stowe, Vermont, and this was exactly what we DIDN’T want to be doing.

We were pumping water into our fresh tank.  Gold Brook Campground had shut the water off before we arrived.  The only way to replenish was to use the spigot on the outer wall of the shower house.  We did that when we got there, but after we were connected, we had to bring the water to the rig, rather than the other way around.

Two five-gallon buckets were topped off from the spigot up the hill and driven back to the RV.   Hands plunged into frigid water to hold the pump down so we could extract every bit.  Pump, refill and repeat.

We’re researching more efficient, less frostbite-inducing ways to do this going forward.  But until then, the next time we have to manually fill our tank, we’ll bundle up, clasp hands, and charge into the night with our buckets, saying “Let’s do this!”


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