Bite a legend



Minutes from the Gold Brook Campground is the Cold Hollow Cider Mill, where the legendary cider donuts are made fresh daily, year round.  These are old-fashioned donuts: cakey and 1950s size, delicately sweet and flavored with cinnamon and cider.   Even after they’ve cooled, they’re delicious or so Mike told me when he finally  had a chance to eat his at the end of the workday.



You can make these babies at home.  Cold Hollow sells a mix and a cutter and has a tutorial on their website.  Or, if you simply must have the real thing, they will ship two dozen anywhere in the country.


But there’s much more to Cold Hollow than the donuts.  This is an active mill, and you can wander into the back and see cider being pressed.  You’ll learn the difference between apple cider and apple juice.  You can also see the mill’s bees making honey that’s used in the products they sell.



Besides that, there are all kinds of Vermont-made foods and other products available for sale.  Only in Vermont would you find a maple walnut peanut butter!  Not sure what to buy?  Don’t fret; there’re plenty of samples to try.






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