Gold Brook Campground (Stowe, VT)



We were able to squeeze in the New Hampshire gig because Mike was already scheduled to work at a Harley dealership in Vermont.   There wasn’t a year-round campground in Barre, so we stayed at Gold Brook Campground in Stowe.  (Thankfully, this time, the commute was only 40 minutes, instead of an hour.)



This was the first time we had a campground completely to ourselves.  It was eerie with no one around.  There’s something disconcerting about a quiet playground.  Then we settled in and really enjoyed the privacy.


Another first for us was staying at a campground that has no website.  We relied on the couple of reviews we found online.  They were accurate.  The campground is,  indeed, “no frills”, and the owner is a “crusty old Vermonter” who warms up as you interact with him.   There are full hook-up sites along with tent spots.  Full hook-ups normally include electric, water, and sewer, but in mid-November, the water had been shut off.  We were able to fill our fresh tank from a spigot on the outer wall of the shower house when we arrived.  We had to improvise with two five-gallon buckets and a pump to replenish our supply after we were connected.


My routine was to drive Mike to the dealership, head to Black Cap Coffee and get my work done, go back to the rig and take the dogs on a nice, long walk, and then do some sight-seeing before returning to pick Mike up.  There’s a lot to see in Stowe and also nearby Waterbury, like the Ben & Jerry’s factory tour, a Cabot Cheese outlet and Lake Champlain Chocolates.


For a couple of days, the weather was warm enough around midday to make walking along the river brisk but pleasant.  The bark babies haven’t seen much water, so they were unsure what to make of it.  Meeko rushed up, put his front paws in, and jumped back like he’d been stung.  Too cold for our little man!  Sadie didn’t even bother to get close.  I think she might be smarter than I give her credit for.


Knowing bad weather was on the way, I made sure to make the most of the sunny skies.  So when the snow came, I was ready to appreciate it from the cozy confines of the RV.



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    • Ah, Jack! I grew up in NH and VT, and I went to school in MN. Even though I spent 11 years in Vegas, I’m still pretty familiar with snow. Mike grew up in WY, so he’s used to snow, too. The water issue, however, is something new, and I’ll have a post on that soon!

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