Planes, bikes and good friends



Mike’s has two passions besides me ;-).  He loves motorcycles and airplanes, and he’s developed a wonderful circle of friends in both communities.   So, it was nice to bring the two together over a meal.  Russ, Mike’s trainee, joined us as we met up with Rod, our pilot friend from Sun ‘n Fun, and Rod’s CAP buddy Matt.  Rod and Matt flew in from Chicago, and we ate at Amelia’s across from Signature FBO on the general aviation side of Mitchell in Milwaukee.



Amelia’s is named for aviation pioneer Amelia Earhart and is filled with nifty airplane memorabilia.  There’s lots of comfy seating, from large booths to cozy tables.  The food is solid pub fare, and there’s plenty to share.


Sculpture outside the front doors. Reminded me of Russ!


We spent the afternoon at Amelia’s, chatting about CAP, Rod’s new airplane rental company Open Airplane, motorcycles and our RVing adventure.   After Rod and Matt had left, Mike, Russ and I went outside to find the Jeep’s battery dead.  As we were trooping back inside after calling roadside assistance, one of the owners offered to help us.  He came out and jumpstarted the Jeep, saving us time and hassle.  Very thoughtful!




Navy bean soup



I’ve never before seen a concealed carry class advertised in the ladies’ restroom!


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