Strawbale Winery



The Strawbale Winery is in Renner, South Dakota, about 15 minutes from Sioux Falls.  The winery is named for the straw that insulate its walls.  The bales help the winery reduce its energy use and facilitates the climate-controlled environment necessary to produce great wine.



The tasting room is small but engaging with high tables and wine accessories packed into wooden crates along the walls.  For $5, you can sample five wines and take home a commemorative glass.  Once you’ve perused the list of wines, you write your selections on the chalkboard countertop, and the pouring begins!


In the midst of my fruity choices, I threw in a dark horse:  Jalapeno.  It’s a white grape wine with an outrageous kick of heat.  I couldn’t manage more than one sip.  Brown Cow is a fortified wine, a blend of a table red and brandy with flavors of chocolate, coffee and orange.  It was delicious but oh so strong.  Delectably dangerous.



The truth window shows the hay in between the walls.

Besides drinking and shopping, Strawbale hosts events: Sangria Sunday, Twilight Flights, and various festivals.  Stop in for a quick tasting or stay for the day.  Cheers!



The Jalapeno wine is hot, hot, hot!


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