A romantic dinner at Crawford’s



Mike works hard.  He is sole proprietor of his own busy company.  He handles the mechanical stuff on the RV, and he does the bulk of the driving.  I’m just getting started with my freelance career, so it doesn’t pay a lot right now.  But, I make enough that I was able to take Mike out for a romantic dinner as a thank-you for all that he does for me and Charlie, Sadie and Meeko.


Crawford’s Bar & Grill is an upscale eatery in historic downtown Sioux Falls.  The decor is funky with lots of dark wood, century-old quartzite and brick walls, bejeweled wall paper, art deco lighting, and plush, intimate seating arrangements.


The restaurant has an interesting history.

Crawford’s is the location of one of the first butchers in Sioux Falls, Louis Bauch, Bauch’s Meats, 1896. If you look closely you will see the wood beams throughout the quartzite walls used as scaffolding when building the massive walls. Louis Bauch’s son and son-in-law’s names are signed and dated “May 1936″ on the back of the bar under the first shelf of wine glasses. Behind the second shelf of wine glasses there is an original piece of cork from the butcher’s cork lined cooler.


Black soot runs up the mens’ bathroom brick wall from where the meat was smoked, the blood trough still runs along the north cellar wall and a rusty old nail hangs in the quartzite wall under one of the large gilded mirrors. When restoring the building to its original beauty Louis Bauch’s meat cleaver was discovered, hidden neatly away for almost a century, it is displayed in a special spot in Crawford’s today.


After Bauch’s Meat Market closed in the late 1930s, the building housed clothing and shoe stores.  One included a namesake, Crawford’s Men’s Wear. Look down when you step over the threshold of the front entrance, you will notice the original 1963 Crawford’s Men’s Wear logo.


We started with Walleye Fingers.  We could have just had that and dessert and been plenty satisfied.  Portions at Crawford’s are generous.   But we like to experience it all, and traveling with our house on wheels means that we can easily keep any extras.


Walleye Fingers: panko-crusted and served with a lemon Dijon tartar sauce

After that, I had the Tomato Crab Bisque instead of a salad like Mike.  I was already starting to get full, so I ate only a spoonful.  I wasn’t sure what to do with my leftovers since we still had the rest of the meal ahead of us.  Our waitress neatly solved the problem by bringing me a fresh batch in a to-go bowl before we left.  Excellent service!


Tomato Crab Bisque

For his entree, Mike went with two filets each prepared in a different way.  He’s a simple fellow, so he liked the grilled, buttered version best.  He doesn’t like asparagus, so I brought that home with the remainder of my Pappardelle Chicken.


2 Filets 2 Ways: one crusted in peppercorn with a cognac demi glaze and the other grilled, topped with roasted shallot butter


Pappardelle Chicken

The s’mores were a delight and would have been perfect for sharing if Mike didn’t have his own chocolate cake.  I packed up the uneaten marshmallows and graham crackers, so we could snack on them later.  The entire experience was wonderful.  Very romantic and unhurried.  The food was superb, and the service was spot on.  Best of all, my man was happy.


Midnight Layer Cake





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