Pieces and parts



When you’re buying a motorhome, one of the things you have to decide is whether you want a gas rig or a diesel one.  A big plus for gas is the availability of parts.  Every auto parts store has tons of supplies for gas vehicles.  We knew, in going with a diesel pusher, that we were trading ease of replacing broken pieces and parts for engine durability.

So far, it’s been a fair trade, but it does make replacing damaged doohickeys a little more challenging.   A few months ago, we noticed that our coach was struggling as it climbed hills.  The steeper the grade, the more sluggish we became.  Mike did some research and figured out that our fuel filters were gunked up.  Luckily, our stay in Fletcher, North Carolina, put us reasonably close (three hours round trip) to a Freightliner service center in Gaffney, South Carolina.


We tried to schedule a full service for the rig, but apparently, those are booked out months in advance.  (It’s become clear that pre-planning is something we need to work on.)  Even though they couldn’t squeeze us in for the service, they did have the parts we needed.  Besides a water separator fuel filter and an engine fuel filter, Mike also picked up a branded ball cap and travel mug.  He’s so proud of his chassis!

He still had to buy filter pliers, but after that, swapping out the filters was easy peasy.  And now the hills are no match for our hallway on wheels!



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