Kill Devil Grill



When Mike, Grant and I landed at First Flight, Barbie and her friend Tanya were waiting for us in the parking lot.  They took us to Kill Devil Grill in North Carolina’s Outer Banks for lunch.  KDG is fronted by a 1939 Kullman diner, featuring original bar-top jukeboxes.  KDG is one of only six diners in the national registry of historic buildings.

KDG is known for its fresh fish.  My Grilled Tuna over Stone Ground Cheese Grits and Pink Pea Succotash was innovative and scrumptious.  The best tuna I’ve ever had.  Mike had a burger with shaved ham and coleslaw on a pretzel bun.  It looked good, but he wasn’t thrilled with it.  He likes his meat extremely well done, and this was pink the middle.  In fairness to KDG, Mike didn’t tell them how he wanted it.  In fairness to Mike, the waitress didn’t ask.

KDG is also celebrated for its award-winning Key Lime Pie.  We can attest that the KLP is prize-worthy.  It put my delicious Chocolate Chip Pecan Pie to shame.  I ended up pushing my pie aside to steal Mike’s last few bites of Nila Wafer crust, tangy key lime filling and strawberry sauce.

We didn’t experience it ourselves, but apparently, Fridays are crazy at KDG.  That’s fried chicken day, and the place is mobbed with lines out the door.  People get there early and order in bulk to ensure that they have plenty of crispiness goodness to nosh.

Fun place with excellent food.



KillDevilGrill-GrilledTuna KillDevilGrill-PretzelBurger KillDevilGrill-PecanChocolatePie



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