Grant’s Flight School



In the years since they’d last seen each other as teenagers, Mike’s cousin Grant had not only become a pilot, but he’d also bought a flight school.  Curtis Eads Flight School, at the Hampton Roads Executive Airport in Tidewater, Virginia, has been around for 65 years.  Grant is carrying on a tradition of excellence started by Curtis when he and his pilot wife Ruby opened the flight school in 1959.  Curtis E. Eads, Sr., learned to fly in a J-3 Cub while working at the Norfolk Navy Shipyard during WWII.  He was an active pilot and flight instructor for nearly 50 years and was one of the most recognized aviation figures in the Hampton Roads area.

Grant has owned the flight school for about six months, and he’s so passionate about flying that he doesn’t consider it work to run the operation.  Mike would feel the same way if he got a job in aviation; he’d be happy just to drive a fuel truck around an airport if it paid better.

Curtis Eads offers five different planes to train in and recreationally fly, including a red and mustard AMD Zodiac Light Sport.

While we were there, Mike got checked out for the next day’s trip to First Flight and then spent the rest of the afternoon hangar flying with Grant.  Since we’d been away from our home airport in North Las Vegas for several months, it was great to be able to immerse ourselves in aviation for a while – especially with a fellow enthusiast who also happens to be family.



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