Circa 1918 Kitchen & Bar



On our way to DC, we stopped in Virginia to visit Mike’s cousin Grant.  Grant was always Mike’s favorite cousin, but he hadn’t seen him in over 20 years.  Even after all that time, the two of them got along “like a house afire”, as my mum would say.  And, they have almost more in common now then they did back then.  Grant is a private pilot, like Mike, and just bought a flight school.

Grant lives in Virginia Beach.  Campgrounds were pricey there, so we decided to save some dough by staying in Williamsburg.  Grant and his lovely wife Barbie graciously agreed to meet us halfway for dinner after we parked the rig at the Anvil Campground in Williamsburg.  Then we were off in the Jeep to Newport News and the restaurant they’d selected: Circa 1918 Kitchen & Bar.

Circa is an intimate, romantically lit place with about 10 tables lining the walls opposite the bar.  Tuesday night, the night we were there, is $5 wine night.  I’d normally have a glass of red, but I couldn’t resist the “Pear’fect Match”, which is made with Absolut pear, pear puree, and ginger.  It was very refreshing after our day of driving.

To cut back on overindulging, I periodically order veggie-based appetizers as my main meal.  It’s great that grilled asparagus appetizers are so popular now.  At Circa, the asparagus was complemented by extra virgin olive oil, lamb “bacon”, a farm egg and herb croutons.  I wasn’t wild about the farm egg, but everything else was delicious.  Mike had the original meatloaf.  He declined the spinach that normally tops it, but he kept the thick layer of cheese.  The meat mix had a kick.  Chorizo?  Mexican spices?  The sour cream mashed potatoes balanced out the heat.

For dessert, the OMG Macadamia Nut Crusted Cheesecake with flambéed bananas just had to be tried.  It was delicious.

The service at Circa was great.  Our waitress was attentive but not intrusive.  When we asked for something, we had it very quickly.  And yet, we were able to linger without being pestered.  It was the perfect place to reunite with old family and make new friends.









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