Lakeside RV Park (Osceola, Iowa)



On our way to our first RV rally in Amana, Iowa, we stopped in Osceola to visit Mike’s youngest daughter Dakota who lives in nearby Creston.   We stayed at the Lakeside Hotel • Casino RV Park.

  • At only $20 a night for a full hook-up and no extra charge for pets, it’s a bargain.  All the 47 spots are paved pull-throughs (though a tad run down) and reasonably level.
  • Because the park is set into a gently sloping hill, every rig has at least a slight view of the lake.  You can choose what spot  you want when you arrive, so we picked one right next to the water.
  • Wi-fi is free and robust.  We like to watch Netflix, and our programs ran without a hitch or delays for buffering.
  • This is a pet-friendly park.  There’s no separate pet area, but dog bags are available near the entrance.
  • Attractive trash cans are located at the front of every row, so it’s easy to dispose of your garbage.  A nice change from some parks where there’s just one big dumpster at the far end of the park that fills up quickly.

The lake separates the park from the rest of the hotel • casino area, but it’s an short walk to the gift shop and the combination café and buffet.  There’s also a bar and a sandwich place cutely called Nibbles.  If you’re inclined to gamble, that’s just a few steps away, too.  For a small gift shop, the one at Lakeside is very nice.  It doesn’t stock RV supplies, but it offers basic sundries along with reasonably priced high quality gift items.

Aside from leaving Dakota, we were also a little sad that we only got to stay at Lakeside for a couple of days.  We would have liked to spend a bit more time relaxing by the lake.







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