Give sitting a rest at the rest area



Long days of driving can be hard on your body in more ways than one.  The lack of movement is compounded by the urge to snack the miles away. We try not to keep junk food in the rig, and we focus on treats like unsweetened iced tea or bananas at the truck stops.  I’m grateful that we have the bark babies because it means we’re out walking several times a day.   If you don’t have dogs, park further away to add to your step count. Even better, turn your rest stop into an effective cardio and strength workout with just a set of stairs.

One a recent break, while Mike was power napping, I went up and down these stairs 20 times, did 10 triceps dips and 10 incline push-ups.  I finished it off with a short jog back to the rig, which was at the end of the lot.

Besides those exercises, there’s a lot more you can do with stairs.

Squat Jumps

  • Standing at the bottom of the stairs, bend your knees slightly and swing your arms back.
  • As you swing your arms forward, jump up, land on the next step up, and  repeat.

Go Up Backwards

  • Be very careful doing this one.  Make sure your whole foot is on the step before shifting your weight.
  • Standing at the bottom of the stairs with your back towards them, step back on to the step and pushing through your heel raise up and bring your other leg up to the next step.

Bear Crawl

  • Standing at the bottom of the stairs, bend forward at the hips, and place your hands on the step. Your weight should be supported on your hands and feet equally.
  • Move your opposite hand and foot to the next step, remaining on all fours, and continue up the stairs.


  • Start at the bottom of a set of stairs facing towards them, step forward with your right foot, and place it flat onto the first step.
  • With a slight lean forward, bring the opposite leg from behind up and to the next step.

The possibilities are endless.  So, rather than skipping your end-of-day workout because you’re too tired after hours on the road, build your workout into your rest stops.


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