Working the 110th



While Mike was working the demo fleet at the Sturgis Rally, he met Brittany and Jason who were staffing a souvenir photo booth set up next to the demo area.  Brittany and Jason worked for a company called Ignition which creates “event experiences” for Harley and other big companies.  Some employees, like Jason, work directly for Ignition, but most of the event staff is made up of contractors like Brittany.

Ignition was looking for people to work at Harley’s 110th anniversary celebration in Milwaukee at the end of August, and since we were going to be there for Mike’s gig, I figured I’d send a resume in.  I got the job and was excited for my four-day stint, although I was also a tiny bit apprehensive.  I’m an office girl.  Had I been made soft by immersion in climate-controlled working environments?  Would trading my four-inch heels in for thick-soled sneakers be enough to keep me cheerful on my feet for 10 hours a day?

Turned out I was fine!  I had a blast applying 110th anniversary temporary tattoos to bikers who came from all over the world to celebrate with H-D.  It was also great taking Facebook souvenir photos in front of iconic landmarks at the Juneau Avenue corporate headquarters.  Ignition has developed nifty technology in which pictures taken with their equipment are uploaded to attendees’ Facebook pages with event logos imprinted on them.  Very cool stuff.  Unfortunately, there were some technology glitches during the event that made it challenging.  But, Ignition worked diligently to correct the situation, and we all made the best of it for the partygoers.

All in all, it was a great experience, and I look forward to working for them again next year when we’re traveling to the 2014 bike events for Harley.



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