Kickin’ it in Keystone: Alpine Slide and Summit Grille



It wasn’t all work while we were in South Dakota.  We managed to squeeze in some fun and adventure at the Rushmore Tramway in Keystone, which was just 20 minutes from our campground in Hermosa.

Mike and I were jazzed to try the alpine slide ($10 per person), a 2,000-foot long chute on the side of the hill that uses a wheeled cart with a handbrake to navigate.  It was first for both of us. After riding the chairlift up, we had lunch at the Summit Grille.  The food was so-so: a pre-fabbed chicken breast, oily nacho cheese sauce, and stale chips.  Meh.  The views, though, were terrific. From the deck of the grille, you could see Mt. Rushmore in the distance.  After our nosh, we  toured the small but lovely garden.   Then it was time to ride.

The slide was a hoot!  We rode parallel, each in our own chute, waving back and forth, speeding up and slowing down trying to catch each other. Good times!








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