Henson Creek RV Park (Lake City, Colorado)



We were on our second day of attempting to repair the RV’s fan belt. We were about to head to Gunnison for parts when Mike’s former brother-in-law informed us that we could no longer boondock in his yard. Some sort of issue with the neighbors. We scrambled to find a place to go, a park that would let us check in in the morning.  (Normal check-in times are around noon.) We were in luck when Henson Creek RV Park told us they had room and we could come down right away.


We had driven by Henson Creek on our way to Woodlake, when we first arrived in Lake City, and frankly, we hadn’t been that impressed.  Although it was centrally located on the main drag, it looked cramped. But this time, we were grateful to have a place with full hook-ups where we could work on the RV.

When Mike checked us in, he was pleased to discover a small selection of RV supplies in the office. Friendly managers Joe & Judy Hoover guided him into our spot.

Later that afternoon, with the help of a new friend, Mike was able to get the fan belt on. The motorhome was fixed! (Well, except for the a/c compressor, which we will fix in the next couple of months.)


Henson Creek is small, designed more for the fifth wheels that line both sides of the park.  Motorhomes take up the few spots in the center. The park is right next to the actual Henson Creek.  We only stayed one night, but we really enjoyed walking Meeko and Sadie along the edge of the water.  I also enjoyed a run around the area the morning that we left.  For Sunday morning worship, there’s also a charming Catholic church, built in the 1800s, around the bend from the park.


Our initial impression of Henson Creek was right… and wrong.  The park is a bit cramped. But, the facilities are great.  There’s 30-amp electric, a laundry room, and showers if you need ’em.  The managers are nice and helpful, and the location is fantastic.  At Woodlake, we were too far out of town to do anything but drive.  When we come back to Lake City next year, we’re going to stay here so that we can walk or bike to all the fun stuff in town.



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