Down on Main Street (Las Vegas, Nevada)




There are prettier and quieter RV parks in Vegas, but Main Street Station takes the cake for convenience and a central location. We’ve stayed there twice so far, first in June and then in July.  The first time was when we were still living in the stick house and needed to get our rig ready for full-time living.  The second was when we were moving everything thing out of the stick house.


The park is located within easy walking distance of the hotel on Main Street.  At night you can see the neon hotel sign, all lit up, over the building that houses the laundry and bathroom facilities.  The park is nicely paved with rock-and-sand landscaped areas on the ends and in the middle of the park.  They’re all full hook-ups, and several spots are pull-throughs.  Unless you get one of the end spots, though, you’ll be putting your awning out over blacktop.  And, being situated next to the fire station and the highway on ramp, it’s definitely not quiet.  Thankfully, our Holiday Rambler is well insulated.


Since we have two dogs, designated pet areas are important to us. Main Street Station’s dog run is, strangely, located outside the park.  It took us a while to find it because you have to pass through a parking area to get to it. When you get there, you discover it’s just a fenced in sandlot with a broom and a bucket – that’ve both seen better days – by the gate.  Sadie and Meeko weren’t wild about it, preferring to do their business on one of the landscaped outcroppings in the park proper.  We always pick up after ’em, so we weren’t intimidated by the “no pet” signs staked into the ground.


The best thing about Main Street Station is the proximity to downtown.  You can enjoy dinner at Triple George or the Mob Bar (I recommend the Lavender Mojito), head to Fremont for a zipline ride or to enjoy the free music, pop into Hogs & Heifers for a brew  and a dance on the bar, and then stumble back to your rig in the wee hours of the morning.  Or, you could dine on the outdoor garden patio at Park on Fremont, head to Insert Coins for some video gaming fun, and top it all off with a nightcap at The Lady Silvia. For a quick dinner, take advantage of the Garden Court buffet at the Main Street Station hotel.  Those are only a few of the myriad ways you can amuse yourself in the evening.  And, if you’ve got a towed vehicle, you’re two minutes away from the highway and exploring all that Vegas has to offer outside of downtown. All that for only $14 a day, plus $1 per pet.



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  2. Hi Mike & Elisabeth. Hope you are having a blast full-timing. Never read or responded to a “blog” before, but had to applaud you for referring to one of my favorite Bob Seger tunes. YOu are really dating yourself by even knowing that one! Hope we see you in Sturgis in a couple weeks. Rob Hassay/RacePro Motorsports

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