Our first RV park! (Wikieup, Arizona)



Mike and I are transitioning to a full-time RV lifestyle.  Yup…we’re moving out of the stick house and into a hallway on wheels! No, we’re not retiring.  Quite the opposite.  We will be motorhoming to Mike’s gigs across the country, and we’re going to share our journey with you.

Mike is a technical trainer, and he travels the nation, training on-site at Harley-Davidson’s service school in Milwaukee and various HD dealerships.  Basically, he’s gone every week for work and only home on the weekends.  He’s been doing this since we started dating.  As glamorous as constant travel sounds, it really isn’t.  It’s taken a toll on him physically, and he’s missed me and our pet babies terribly.  Although it’s been easier for me, I’ve missed him terribly, too.  So, we’ve made the decision to adopt a full-time motorhoming lifestyle for at least the next year and see where it takes us.

We picked up our new-to-us RV in Tucson.  It’s a 2000 Holiday Rambler Endeavor that had one owner before us.  It’s in great shape, but we are doing some remodeling.  I’m funkifying it!

We had to drive it back to Vegas, and about five hours into the trip, around 9 p.m., we decided we needed to catch some Zs.  So, we pulled into Hidden Oasis in Wikieup, Arizona, and had our first park stay.  It was a terrific experience!  Brenda guided us into our spot when we arrived, which was a huge help considering Mike had never navigated an RV in the dark.  (In fact, he’d never even driven an RV before that day!)  The next morning, Brenda made us breakfast in the little restaurant/gift shop/convenience store that fronts the park.  We didn’t have much time to enjoy the surroundings because we had to get back to Vegas.  But it didn’t matter because there was plenty to enjoy in the park itself.  There were several large-scale metal sculptures of cactus and flowering plants; there was a whole row of huge Mariachi singers with a giant cobra coiled in their midst.  There was even a metal moose guarding the sign for the park.  After browsing the artwork, you could sit a spell in the chairs and benches scattered among the landscaped flower garden and rocks with gentle waterfalls.  If this any indication of the parks we’ll be staying at in the future, our adventure is going to be great!












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  1. Great stuff! Your writing is informative, fun and a joy to read. Love the pics! Be safe out there and enjoy the ride! Take care of yourself and each other and kiss the fur-babies for me. 🙂

    If you are interested, the Alcons blog at WordPress is Alcons Audio USA. Pretty boring and a bit sporadic but, there it is!

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